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Creative African Arts is an online-only webstore that offers a selection of quality and unique African arts ranging from wood carvings, various assorted hand bags, tripod stools, beaded bracelets and a lot other items collected from East Africa.

The unique collection highlights exceptional pieces of art that demonstrate timeless qualities of innovation creativity and craftsmanship.

Located in Washington State, Creative African Arts will assist with domestic shipping and packaging.



Our History

Welcome to Creative African Arts website where I have compiled a collection of various aspects of African Art. Creative African Arts was started back in 2006 after I had emigrated from Africa to settle in United States in August 2002. I realized that I was missing a certain aspect of African culture which in my case was the art expressed in either Wood Carvings, Sisal Art, Mosaic or Batiks.

In collaboration with wood carvers, basket weavers, soap stone carvers, and various artists, I started importing a few carvings for my own use, that is, for display in the house and for wearing. It was as time went by that I realized that a good number of people were interested in African art. It was this interest that made me start importing the various items for sale.

Over the 2010 summer time, I attended various open shows in and around East Coast of United States from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire where I got a very good reception as far as the products are concerned. This gave me the zeal to continue importing the products in medium quantities. I have since relocated to Washington State where I have a series of shows lined up from spring to fall.

The need to create this online store was inspired by the fact that my customers of whom I meet once a year when I visit their localities want to have access to my products all year round. Also the technology has advanced to facilitate ecommerce. It’s through this platform that I am able to connect with my customers and making my dream of covering the whole of United States and Canada with African Art.


Our Products

Creative African Arts a wide range of products as follows:
• Supply high quality Wood Carvings made of wood from sustainable forests. These ranges from: Animal carvings such as elephants, giraffe, zebra, lion, buffalo, rhino, warthogs, cheetah, gazelle and hippo; Wall Plaques of various animals such as elephant, giraffe, zebra, hippo, lion, cheetah and the big five animals; Wooden bowls; Maasai masks; Tripods and Stools.
• Supply of banana back Mosaics with animals and African themes such as Maasai villages.
• Baskets made from Sisal which is grown widely as a cash crop in arid areas of Africa.
• Sisal and banana fiber hats.
• Banana fiber fruit baskets.
• Beaded chains and bracelets.
• Assorted Earrings.
• Cow Horn Bangles.
• Cow Leather Sandals.
• Leather Stools with African animal theme such as the big five animals
• Belts.
• Walking Sticks with African big five animals.
• Soap stone carvings such as animals, maps and other accessories.
All of these are made by local communities from various parts of the East African region, whose skills have been passed down from generation to generations. When we at Creative African Arts buy these products from these communities, it improves their living standards where they are able to:
• Afford better education for their children;
• Access better health facilities and medication;
• Manage to venture into subsistence farming for food security;




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